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Re: Rubicon Express sway bar links

you got instructions with yours... must be nice. the extended sway bar links that came with a buddies 3.5" kit were far different than the quick discos RE gave me with my 4.5" kit 8 or 9 years ago... it took me a good while to piece together the links and hardware. mine made sense, his links seemed like they were cutting a bunch of corners.

anyways... before you put on the sway bar links, make sure the axle is properly centered and the track bar is installed. from there, double check that the sway bar itself is properly centered in its mounts. you should be able to push/pull it into position while twisting at the same time. a little grease may make it easier.

if it still doesnt line up, double check that the mounts on the axle arent bent.

and if it STILL doesnt line up... well, welcome to the RE club.
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