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Renix A/C System Tips and Facts

Alright well I just had to redo quite a bit of my A/C system on my 90. Compressor, Receiver Drier, and Expansion Valve. I got caught up on a couple things along the way, so this thread is for tips to help people do this in the future.
1. In the line running from the receiver drier to the expansion valve there is a valve of some sort. Take the little fugger out of there. It almost ended up screwing everything up for me because the valve was never opening. It IS NOT needed, it was just something Jeep used to try and prevent people from just letting the gas into the atmosphere. The thing looks like a little grappling hook on a spring. Also the pin in the hose that that pushes against that valve should be removed.
2. The expansion valve can be put on backwards. The threads towards the firewall are the same size. DO NOT PUT IT ON BACKWARDS. The larger hole should go towards the passenger side.
3. If you are retrofitting, get an elbow adapter for the low pressure side of the compressor to charge it. A manifold set will not fit between the two fittings on the compressor otherwise.

If I can think of anything else I will add it. My total ended up being $400 for all the parts and refridgerant.
HTH anyone who is going to try this,
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