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Anyone rebuild their 4.0 XJ starter?

I have a 94 XJ - 5spd 2dr 4.0L

The solenoid is sticking often on my jeep. Seems temperature dependent. Also, the battery is tired, but is running fine now that temps have risen. it seems weather depending and both humidity and temperature fluctuate wildly in Vermont.

Thankfully, I can reach it from the top, I have a 3' steel carpentry tool that I can bang on the starter with. I have to do this hard, and may be denting the housing. The filter adapter used to leak all over this starter but we fixed that last year so now it is just grimy. Would even cleaning the outside help?

I am super broke and wondering if I should just live with banging on the starter. Or, could I remand it myself.

Has anyone specifically done this for a 4.0L starter? Would taking it apart and cleaning it help the solenoid from sticking?

The symptom is no click on key turn. Then I bang on the starter, sometimes it starts, often it clicks first try and then second try it starts. Sometimes I have to keep trying the key 3 or 4 times with clicks before it starts. But usually only one.

At least it is a 5spd so I sometimes strategically park and roll start it. Helps keep the battery charged since I do many short trips and as I said the batter is old.
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