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96 XJ Hesitation when hot & cant rev

I just picked up a second 96 Jeep Cherokee with the 4.0L & its having issues with reving and accelerating once warmed up. Tonight, its about 50 degrees and I changed both O2's, cleaned the IAC valve, throttle body and replaced the throttle body gasket. I took it for about a 15 mile drive. First 8 miles, I could WOT and it would accelerate no issue. I got off the highway and looped around to head in the opposite direction and after sitting at a red light for about 2 minutes, I began to accelerate and at around 3500rpm it started to cut out and sputter. I was able to get it up to highway speed but couldn't press the accelerator past half throttle. I did manage to coax it upto about 75mph by feathering.

Came home and checked fuel pressure. It varies and averages around 45-50 PSI. In drive, it remained the same and while going down the road at 25mph, same pressure with little variation. When it was hot again, i checked it while in park with the same pressures. At WOT while driving hot, 52 PSI was the peak and the low was about 46 PSI. The cat looks to have been cut open and possibly gutted. Would a hollow cat cause these symptoms?

What's your thoughts?
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