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VANCO Big Brakes and U Turn steering

Originally Posted by TRCM View Post
It's better, but your track bar & drag link still look to be out of parallel about 1/2 as much.

Better brakes are awesome....on my car, I can stop on a dime (15" rotors & 6 piston calipers)....want to get the cherokee do be able to do similar too.....right now, with 32's, if I let the rear brakes get out of adjustment, then braking power drops dramatically.

The track bar drops much further than the draglink but as of now there is no symptoms of that. Everything is nice and tight and straight and there is no bump steer at all. The wheel stays straight from no lift all the way up to 10 of lift so until I have a reason to raise the axle side mount of the track bar I am going to keep it.
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