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VANCO Big Brakes and U Turn steering

I got everything put back together, a reasonable driveway alignment and bled the brakes
Below are the knuckle adapters

Here it is sitting pretty straight and ready for tires

After the installation I took it for a spin and did the brake in procedure for the black magic brakes.
What an incredible difference the brakes made. For the first time in 15 years I can actually stop this thing. A dramatic improvement is an understatement. If you have 35s on your Cherokee and can’t stop, put this VANCO kit on there and you will be stopping on a dime. Seriously, I can easily lock up the front tires. Stops in way less than half the distance. Feels like a normal car when braking heavily.
And for the steering:
Also a dramatic improvement. Bump steer is completely gone. Because my ride height/suspension is adjustable at the touch of a button (from about 2” of lift all the way up to 12”) the high steer wouldn’t track right at any height. The Uturn setup is amazing. No more dead spot, no more sloppy feeling and no more steering wheel going upside down when the suspension is raised or lowered.

Super happy with how it turned out.
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