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VANCO Big Brakes and U Turn steering

Originally Posted by TRCM View Post
.......or U-turn steering over the teraflex or WJ conversion ??

Your original pic shows a track bar and draglink not in parallel.................

All the u-turn will do for you is get you closer to parallel, which you probably could have done more cheaply with a different track bar upper mount, or by raising the lower mount.


I didnít do the WJ conversion mainly because I wanted the UTurn steering in addition to better brakes. Getting better braking power was most important and the teraflex wasnít compatible with the VANCO knuckles. When I had the teraflex stuff installed I really didnít understand how the geometry was supposed to be and sort of got had by a shop who was selling teraflex high steer setups.
I was prepared to raise the lower trackbar mount if needed but wanted to put it all together and see
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