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VANCO Big Brakes and U Turn steering

For all of us with big tires and heavy XJs we know that the brakes are not good enough. About a year ago Skruffy got some black magic brake pads that made a significant difference but with all the extra weight and the LS3 that is going in soon stopping power could no loner be ignored. After a great deal of research I concluded that the only two options were WJ conversion or VANCO. Because my Teraflex high steer was really really bad and also in need of replacement I went with VANCO.
Today I picked up a VANCO kit from Black Magic and will be installing it along with a U turn steering from off road only. I hope to get all this installed in the next couple weekends.

Here is the kit, notice the shiny new knuckles that will fit the new dual piston calipers.

Below is what I have now. TJ rubicon 44s and a tera flex knuckle.
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