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AX5 interchange between early and late

Originally Posted by Jeep Driver View Post
No doubt you'll do as you please............that said-

This will be my fourth AX5 in five years, and it will be the last.

I cannot speak to the 84-86 years, but, the 87-06 are all the same. '94 up for the external slaves.

I need to get my MJ rolling with the new engine, so this AX5 will go in for a short time. I'm already looking for the Dakota bell and looking for a AX15 or the NV3550. I'll lose the Hurst shifter, have to shorten the rear DS and lose the new Tom Woods front DS, swap will cost me over $2K.

Whatever you do with the AX5 will be a waste of time and money.

I learned the hard way too.

You can literally see the difference in the ax15. Its a different version of the Supra R154, which can take a lot of power.

I lucked out finding a Dakota bellhousing, it was listed on eBay as wrangler 4cy ,they had a picture of it and the part # so I grabbed it quick. Hitting the junk yards didn't work, I found two online for a decent price, they were sold before I could pick up the phone. Probably a ebayer flipping them.
Got a 89-90 ax15 from a junkyard up north clearing out old inventory. Rebuilding a 91-92 231 to put behind it. Just got to get the time to get it all done.

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