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AX5 interchange between early and late

My 2.8 was/is a high altitude set up. But it was gutless going up any kind of real incline, or up to speed on the highway at sea level. Put in a Weber carb that helped a lot, then cleaned up the rats nest of vacuum lines a little. I know my motor is played out probably over 300k on the jeep frame not sure if the motor is original but it has refused to out right die. So I'm going to put it and rebuild the engine, swap the transmission, transfer case set up with something more versatile. Your 2.8 must have had real some life it, everybody tends to complain that the 2.8 sucks.

Not sure about the 229, on the 207 and 231 all the vacuum is for the CAD, in the older designs there is a place in from for a vacuum switch, some 91 but 92-95 cases I got the have the same spot in the case except with a electronic switch.

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