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92 Alternator Upgrade ?'s

92 XJ 4.0L HO AW4 182K miles

Recently the charging on my Xj has been sub par (or not at all the last two days) so I believe that it is time for a new alt. I have searched and have narrowed down my reasonable options to the 97-98 ZJ 130 amp and the durango 160 amp

I see that the alternators are nearly plug and play with the exception of grinding the brackets on the 2000-2001 Xj's and are able to fit without much more work on anything above a 98. I also have read that they will NOT work on the renix era.

My question is, what do i need with the exception of the alternator for my 92? will i need an external regulator or will my PCM handle it?

Thanks for the help
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