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Re: Renix steering gear box repair options

The instructions that came with the Rebuilt AZ said to use a vacuum pump and cap hose-tool assy on the PWR STR Pump cap to suck air out with a vacuum after the first steps.....?

I spent about 60 minutes with the tires off the ground turning the Steering wheel stop to stop as the first step (I did not do the vacuum pump step 2). Periodically added some fluid as needed and then put the cap back on to avoid fluid being thrown out. I learned the hard last year with a ford that turning the engine on and off, can make it throw fluid every where when the pump stops turning.....

Turned on the engine for about 5 seconds about once every 10 minutes....

I had days of hell degassing 96 Ford Taurus last year and learned some tricks and horror stories there. Never got the hard steering solved, finally traded it in for a jeep. Also I learned that not getting all the air out can quickly damage a new pump to where it is noisy all the time till it dies. There is a lot more air in our gear boxes than I thought!!! Also the fluid is thick enough that it takes time for foam to degas!!!! So the process takes time and great patience. As it is with most Jeep repairs, LOL.

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I didn't do anything special for bleeding it. Anything I should try before yanking the pump out?
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