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Re: Renix steering gear box repair options

Thanks, I went back to AZ,found out I bought a box for one of my rigs in 2005 (only had the 85 2.2 L-diesel and the 87 4.0 Renix Wagoneer). Their system says I bought it in 2005 for the 87, not long after I bought the 87. Then in 2011, I got warranty swap, that I recall installing ( but I had a friend do the 2005 year install, that I do not recall). So I got 6 years out of each one, and this time I inspected the entire unit before I swapped it (free warranty again), and took great pains to properly install it. The last one leaked almost imediately, but stop leak got me by for 6 years. PWR STR pump is already pretty new with a filter, and the old box still worked, just had the side to side play in the output shaft, so I got to it early, and I had just replaced everything else in the steering and suspension (to solve sever death wobble), except the ball joints, and 3 control arms that were all still good. I will post back up here later after 6-12 months and report back.

Did not try to figure out if the old one or new one was a Renix double seal box. Forgot too, after standing in a damn line for 45 forking minutes, while all but 2 people were on a damn pizza break . Even worse putting up with that BS when your fighting foot pain from RA.
Old man thanks for the feed back. I decided is Cardone is doing all the rebuilds, might as well get a free warranty I can inspect before I take it home and install it, and no freight or core charges.

So far this one is rock solid, leak free, works perfectly, and looks like I scored a good one this time.

Originally Posted by old_man View Post
Telling someone is hard. The difference is in how far down inside the snout of the box the snap ring resides. The old boxes are in my opinion far superior. They have the snap ring closer to the edge (not as far down inside). Most newer boxes had a large rubber plug like dirt seal, whereas the older boxes didn't. Reman's don't normally come with the dust plug/seal.
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