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Re: Lifted Daily Drivers

Originally Posted by techno1154 View Post
Your 01 XJ have similar specs to my XJ,... when I add a bumper and winch is should drop at least 1/2" from the 4 1/2 it is now. What valving are the 5165's. I think 255/70 valving are good out back but the front could use something with less drop out/rebound.
I'm running 255/70, front and rear. 90% of my driving is on the pavement where a little softer ride is appreciated.
You might want the 360/80 valving, if a stiffer front end is desired.

What I used, Bilstein 5165
Front 11.3", 23-187717, 255/70
Rear 9.8", 25-177510, 255/70
Both XJs are still Real XJs
01 Sport, Russ Pottenger 4.6, AW4, 4" lift, 33 X 10.50 KM2, 4.56-8.25 TruTrac, D-30-E-Locker with alloy shafts, Hidden M8000 winch, Vanco front and ZJ rear disc brakes, Frame stiffeners, Lots of armor, Towing baseplate.
1997 Country, Mostly stock, 2" lift, Engine mods, NP242, Towing baseplate
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