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Re: Lifted Daily Drivers

Originally Posted by lazyxj View Post
With shocks, you get what you pay for, assuming you pick the right length and valving.
I switched from Bilstein 5100s to the 5165s, what a huge difference is ride quality.
The 5100s are very stiff in comparison, you feel every small bump. The 5165s float over smaller bumps but tighten up on bigger hits.
With the 5165s, I can drive faster over rough terrain, in greater comfort and control.

The ride can be improved more as you move up the price range into even better shocks.
I agree with your reasoning 100%. comments like yours is the reason I ended up with 2 threads on the same subject. I needed to hear from others who have first hand experience on various shocks. My first thread had only a few useful comments.

Your 01 XJ have similar specs to my XJ,... when I add a bumper and winch is should drop at least 1/2" from the 4 1/2 it is now. What valving are the 5165's. I think 255/70 valving are good out back but the front could use something with less drop out/rebound.

And for some unknown reason I am partial to Bilstein but open to other manufactures.

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