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Re: '90 XJ Fuel Gauge acting up

If it is constantly reading higher than the tank level at the gauge, I'd start at the instrument cluster contact strip and try to clean the connectors front to back. Then check the ground at the pump. Cleaning that contact strip is a TSB.

The higher the resistance the higher the fuel gauge reads on Renix (and even some YJ's).

Should read 88 ohms full tank, 0 ohms empty tank. If you check it at the pump and make sure your ground is good, it should tell you if it is in the connectors or the sending unit.

I forget the exact count but around 4-5 connectors between the cluster and fuel pump module and a couple in the ground circuit. Note: if you ever have occasion to try and troubleshoot that circuit the wire colors change in the middle and then change back again at the end. Which gave me fits the first time I tried it.
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