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Just checking in.....

Well its been over a year since I sold my 98 XJ and its been over 5 months since I moved to the Quezon Province in the Philippines.

I searched around for a Jeep to purchase, but there are too many Chinese versions (not in a good way) and vehicles that are cobbled together.
Decided to purchase a 1993 Toyota Landcruiser PZJ75 pickup with a 3.4L 5 cylinder diesel. The truck has 285/75x16 BFG KM2s, a 50mm lift with new leaf springs, an Ironman 4x4 front bumper and 9000 lb winch and quite a few other additions.

Went up into the local mountains a few months ago to visit a rain forest up around 5,000'. The weather was damp, raining off and on, but the scenery was gorgeous.
I have driven into the city with the truck and have explored some of the local towns. Even drove the beach route for about 35-40 Kms.

Since it been over a year since I sold my XJ; I was wondering if anyone have seen the Jeep on the trails with its new owner ??

I will be returning to the San Diego in late November and will be around for several months trying finalize a few things. Hope to see some of you upon my return.

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