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Beater XJ

Picked up this 91 Limited last weekend and thought I would post a few pics as I fix it up. Here it is as I bought it last weekend. It had a mix of different 33" tires and a ton of body damage and broken front windsheild.

I took it to get glass the next day and got some new Goodyear Duratrac 33x12.5r15's put on today. The ride is way smoother than I expected for a hybrid tire.

It already had a lift on it. I think it is a 4", but I'm not sure of the brand.

I scored some new manual doors for cheap off craigslist to replace the trail damaged ones.

I'm working on cutting the rockers out today to add some 2x6 3/16 square bar for sliders. Here is where I'm at now.

The paint is some cheap spray on latex army green. I like the green but its chipping off so I will be Herculining the jeep with green tinted liner on the outside.
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