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San Diego Central Meet & Greet tomorrow, Monday 1/16 6pm

I've been slacking on posting these... but you reallllllly should all have this on your calendars by now, so...

Put this on your calendar NOW!! =)

This is a recurring event, the 3rd Monday of every month.

Come one come all, all ages, for however long you can show up. You don't need to bring your Jeep... See you there!!

O'Brien's is open to people of all ages, not just 21-and-up, so bring kids if you're so inclined (not many do at this point, but they're welcome!). Also dog-friendly, to friendly dogs.

We'll be at O'Briens from 6 til whenever for great beer (amazing tap list!) & food (great beer batter fries & onion rings, and really good sandwiches and such too, if you opt to eat real food there).

And Monday is Pitcher Night --all their beers available in pitchers are discounted!

There's also soda & water available for non-drinkers; you don't have to drink beer!

O'Briens: 4646 Convoy St., San Diego, CA 92111

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