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My XJ's Big Boy Stage II

I got lucky with the XJ after lions den. After driving it down the mountain with no coolant it sounded like a tractor by time we got it back to camp. Got it home and started to dive in. Turns out it everything was fine. The radiator was fine. The leak came from a cracked flush T I had installed years ago and a warped thermostat housing. Replaced the hose and housing with a new thermostat and she ran like a top. Fixed the bare minimum to get it to Morris mountain for thanksgiving for a benefit ride for a friend of ours that passed away. The Jeep did absolutely amazing. Didnít have one single issue out of it and honestly just needs a cleaning and could go out again. I still need to look at the brakes to get them working better but they work. Not sure Iím gonna dove nose the front anymore but will definitely be adding some more tube to the front to keep this from happening again. Didnít get any pictures from Morris unfortunately.

With me getting married on the 12th and starting a new job at the beginning of the year Iím not sure when Iíll be able to get to do much to either of the jeeps for a little while but it will get done.

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