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Re: Please try this with your XJ and tell me results?

Originally Posted by devildog0 View Post
I cant remember if you posted this on Jeep Forum or Cherokee Forum but i still think youre way overthinking/overblowing this "problem" ive had 4 xjs. 3 with the AW4. They all had a bit of a clunk or lurch when shifting gears.

These things were designed and built during a time when noise vibration and harshness levels werent at the forefront of design considerations. I guess you at least supposedly got a free transmission out of the deal.

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1.) I've easily driven over 100 different automatic transmission vehicles in my lifetime, being a vehicle operator in the Air Force, working as an Auto Driveaway driver, etc., including trucks, buses, and cars, and the only time that I ever experienced a clunk/lurch like this was when I accidentally revved up my 318 V8 with TorqueFlite AT to about 2K rpm and then put it into drive, which immediately disabled all forward gears.

2.) I'll stop worrying about it when someone can explain to me why it only clunk/lurches after a pause in Neutral.

3) What is so difficult about just trying my little 10 second test and telling me what happens?
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