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Re: Testing Jeep O2, Oxygen sensors

I do not have the 94 wiring diagrams handy, so I will assume you have that figured out. Take the two probe ends of the ohm meter and connect them to see what the meter reads. Some read about 1 ohm, instead of zero for a probe to probe short. Take that reading and subtract it from the battery ground test, and that is the real wiring resistance from the jeep to the battery negative post. I suspect nearly one ohm of your reading is the meters internal impedance resistance, and not the jeep ground wire.

5-6 ohms for the sensors ground is too high. I would splice and run a new, extra ground directly to the battery if you can not find the source of the resistance and repair it. That is what I have done on several. have you cleaned and replaced the usual suspect ground wires, like the one at the engine dip stick, and the head to the firewall?
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