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Re: Testing Jeep O2, Oxygen sensors

I found a good link on this topic topic:

Also, I read that pulling the connector on a single fuel injector at a time, (or now that I think of it, a spark plug wire), can be a useful test while watching your live O2 sensor data!!!!!! It would give you useful data on injectors, spark, and the O2 sensors! Same goes for creating a large vacuum leak, by pulling a vacuum line loose, to see if the O2 sensor shows a lean shift, lower voltage. Note that pulling the vacuum line off the renix fuel pressure regulator may make it rich, not lean, and the MAP sensor is not a good one to use either. The Vac line to valve cover is an option on Renix. The idea is to see if the sensor correctly sees the rich or lean shift when it happens. Might also be useful to let an engine idle for 5 minutes, then run the tests, to see if the sensor heater is actually working.
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