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Post Eagle Alloy rims in Moreno Valley, CA

I upgraded recently, and I thought I'd see if anyone local want to swing by and pick these up for a spare set. 4 rims, labeled:
Eagle Alloy; Max load 2100; 15x8J; 80/10; OFF:0; JDC; MLF; X; -C60; DOT-T
The OFF:0 is, I expect, offset 0 which should be a 4" backspace for an 8x15 rim. Replacements have 3.6 inch backspace and stick out about a half inch further, so that seems about right. Style is 055, per image on Hi-Lift lift mate hooks will not fit onto the holes. Hubs are here too. Everything needs polishing. If no one is interest in a couple of weeks I'll get rid of them (no room in the garage).
PM me if interested.
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