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Fuel rail quick connect o-ring damaged upon rail re-installation ...

After a successful day of upgrading to new injectors in my 1990 Jeep XJ, I had one final hook-up and I was done. As per Murphy's Law, I ran into a problem. I was having difficulty getting the quick connect fitting on the back of the fuel rail to connect with the return fuel line. I then noticed a brown o-ring popped out and was cut. I looked inside the fuel line and saw a spacer and another brown o-ring jammed in sideways. I removed both and then placed the trio (o-ring/spacer/o-ring) back on the inlet of the fuel rail and then was able to get the quick clip to connect the fuel line to the rail and it is solidly on.

I've never replaced my fuel rail before and today was my first time. I followed the "Injector Swap Write-up" located here;

but no mention was made about replacing the o-rings. According to the 1990 FSM, these o-rings must be replaced when disassembled. Should I even attempt to crank this over? What should I do?

I placed a video up on YouTube for all to see what happened;
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