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Re: 2000 XJ wont fire

Originally Posted by deproson View Post
I know that the cam and crank are in sync. (Verified with snap on Zeus)
I am not familiar with this tool, does it display waveform like an oscilloscope ?

Have you seen this >> /

I have also read a forum thread where the XJ owner had the Dealership set the synchronization correctly with the DRB-III scan tool, but when tightening down the clamp, the crank sensor assembly would physically rotate slightly throwing the synch off again.

Originally Posted by CJR View Post
... Vapor-lock, in the fuel rail, can occur quickly on a hot day
Heat Soak is a starting issue that clears up in less than 30 seconds. Actual vapor lock seldom, if ever, occurs with fuel injection.

Originally Posted by bimmerjeeper

Go ahead and slam the liftgate down on a blanket, and see how long you are laughing.

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