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Re: 2000 XJ wont fire


In my 00XJ 4.0L engine, the intake manifold and hot exhaust headers are right under the fuel rail. Vapor-lock, in the fuel rail, can occur quickly on a hot day and before the coolant temperature reaches normal operating temps. Kits are available for Insulating the fuel rails, wrapping each injector, and/or wrapping the exhaust headers. Likewise, spacers at the hood hinges, to lift the back of the hood up slightly, can increase air flow out of the engine bay and keep the engine bay cooler during operation. Also, there are time-delay relay circuits that can be installed to keep the electric fan running, after shutdown, for about 3 minutes to quickly cool the engine bay down. This also helps to reduce fuel rail vapor-locks caused by heat soaks after shutdowns/quick restarts. A 105F day is a warm day for an engine bay with poor air flow. When I bought my 00XJ, the entire underside of the engine bay had a factory-installed thick plastic sheet which effectively boxed-in the bay. That thick plastic sheet was one of the first things I pulled and chucked.

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