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Re: uphill gas mileage and engine displacement

I don't believe there is that point on the highway. Someone can feel free to correct me, but it takes a defined amount of power to move a defined amount of weight up a hill. So for any given situation in like vehicles, the four cylinder is likely to have enough power to move the truck up the hill, where as the v8 will likely always have an excess amount of power. Even if the 4 banger doesn't have enough power, the truck slows down, changes gears, or whatever.

That would be for highway type driving of course, the power required to accelrate the vehicle to a given speed could easily be more than the 4 cylinder can handle, so it would be working at peak output for much longer than the v8 to achieve the same speed. Depending on the number of stop and go's in a given trip, the overworked four cylinder can get worse mileage.

This is all my 20 seconds of thought, so who knows?
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