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Re: Barbed fittings for transmission cooler lines?

Thanks for the link, and the responses. I'm running an 18x10 6 pass high flow cooler from summit racing:

Probably more than i need but it was free so that's what I'm going with

I've got a rack of barbed fittings, all i need is to find the threaded adapter to go from the metric oring sealed thread to standard pipe (or -AN fittings). I'll be running 3/8ths and 1/4 pipe thread or -AN fittings depending on what I can find to adapt to the trans.

It is not standard NPT pipe thread, and the threads are not tapered (this is why there is an oring around the threads on the fitting when you pull it out).

Ps: don't hate on the crooked mount, i was dodging spot welds and double layered steel above and below when mounting the bars. It's all coming out when the cage goes in anyway this is just getting ready for a shakedown run next month.
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