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Re: Aftermarket stock size trackbar suggestions?

Or somebody managed to stick the wrong size bolt in it at some point. You might be able to get the right dimensions for the bolt from the stealership. Junkyard would be another possibility for finding the right bolt.

When I got the death wobbles, I installed some sort of off-shore Chineseium track bar, but the company was owned by or also made parts for Moog. It was dirt, dirt cheap too, like $27 online I think, but good quality. I did install a polyurethane bushing in it. Unless you're planning on lifting the Jeep at some point, I see no reason in wasting money on an expensive adjustable track bar.

Oh yeah, pofessional pro-tip: Next time you're thinking about using a pickle fork, try smacking the thing that the stud runs through with a hammer. Your favorite libation of penetrating oil and applying pressure in the direction you want the thing to move while simultaneously smacking the thing the stud runs through can help hasten results.
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