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Re: New fuel pump, new regulator, still has fuel pressure issue..

Originally Posted by Ecomike View Post
A slow pressure down to 20 psi is OK, and even something like 10 over night IIRC. -Pressure can change with fluid temperature, and very very slow check valve leak seems to be OK. But If it dropped under 10 psi in 24 hours I would look for a remaining issue. IIRC you want it be at least 20-22 psi after about 20-30 minutes of being off IIRC.

Is the original problem gone????

I had a defective brand new vacuum hose like your bad fuel hose you found. It was not round inside.
Well 4 hours later it started first try. So lets see what it does after sitting overnight. Will report back. Thank you. Was mislead. Was told it shouldnt drop no where near 10psi.

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