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Re: Fan bearing - replace?

Originally Posted by bassthumb
I can wait.... take your time to get settled.
Heh - we ain't even moved yet (Hell, we ain't even found a place yet!) but thanks!

We're just tired of all the rot from renting, and the market is finally coming down from Fantasyland, so maybe we can buy. We'd like to stay here in town (logistical reasons, mainly) but we're open to Gilroy - and we saw a house there last night that we both just loved. Nice big yard (for her) two-car garage w/carport alongside (for me,) big shed round back (for her,) big workroom round back (for me,) ...

Yeah, we'll still have to drag her mother along (damn...) but having our own place without a landlord and having room to hide will make it more tolerable. The only real benefit I've noted from having her around is the extra dependent at taxtime, and she drives me nuts even more than that's worth. And, I'm a short step away from crippling my brother-in-law...
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