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Re: Fan bearing - replace?

Originally Posted by jamie1
See pic. from matthew curries note.....the part # is for the shaft and intrigal
mounted bearing. There is another caged roller bearing on the shaft that you removed that is not included.and should be replaced at the same time. The best thing is to take the entire shaft assembly with you when you go to the branch store so they can see what you want.
After carefully cleaning inside the old bracket and spraying some light lube
in the shaft tube I was able to press the shaft assembly out. I have a 10 ton
press but it took very little force to push it out. Make sure you push it out the correct way. The replacement shaft may be a little longer than the original but you can cut the shaft to length to match the original.
Just to be clear, on the 99 bracket, there was no additional bearing. The pulley end is stamped "R 325...NGK USA."

The long end of the shaft extends to the rear, but nothing is mounted on it. What you see there is all there is. I think this is a standard water pump shaft, with the impeller end unused.
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