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Re: Fan bearing - replace?

I have the brackets from a 99 and an 89, and they differ somewhat in how the bearings are pressed in. On the 89, the hole in the back is small, and it's clear the bearing is pressed in from the front, out from the back.

I replaced the bracket on my 99 a year or so ago, and tonight finally got around to pressing it apart. I made the mistake of pressing it out from the back, and discovered that it's pressed in from the back. So I ended up snapping off the little shoulder in the front of the casting that determines where the bearing stops. It's too bad they did it this way, because it means one must press off the pulley flange on the front first, and then press the shaft out from the front, and it doesn't look as easy to support that way.

Anyway, I have a 12 ton arbor press and it didn't take that long to snap the thing free the wrong way. If you can support the housing, I don't think you'll need a very powerful press to get it out the right way. Before you press off the flange, measure its position on the shaft, because there's no indexing for this.

Here's what the part looks like once it's out:[IMG][/IMG]
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