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Re: Brake booster and MC swap issue

So the noise is come from the booster not the MC like I thought. The noise is coming from the vacuum line. If i pull the line and plug it with my finger it wont do it. Probably a bad booster like suggested before. Would a bad booster cause the brakes to act weird like air in the lines?

I cracked the prop valve and let it leak for a couple seconds. Also the rear brake cylinders where NOT level at all. I raised the rear as high as I could and bled the whole system again. After all that it's still the same. I have a new master cylinder and am going to pick up another booster. I dont want to replace the MC again if I dont have to but do you guys think a bad booster would cause this?

Thanks for all your suggestions. This is driving me nuts and I just want to drive this thing after months of working on it.
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