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Re: Stripped throttle position sensor hole, what to do?

Originally Posted by ehall View Post
permanent fix is get another throttle body from the junkyard. Gluing a stud, and helicoil, both good fixes but they will have to be redone after the chemicals break down (decade+)
Or get another jeep, LOL. Steel filled epoxy has outlasted every rig I used it on, even used it on a carburetor once in wet gas areas.
Originally Posted by lawsoncl View Post
Or epoxy in a stud (or screw with head cut off) and use a nut on it instead.
I like that idea.

Originally Posted by 8Mud View Post
A little trick for stuff like that. Clean out the hole with spray brake cleaner before assembly, Acetone is even better. Stuff the hole with a little epoxy glue, JB Weld, Loc Tite two part epoxy glue is even better. Sightly grease the screw, just a thin coating. Snug and forget. A little luck and you can remove and reinstall that screw if you don't over tighten. Grease the back side of the TPS just in case some of the epoxy oozes or spreads.

I've used this trick a lot, especially for stripped out plastic screw holes.

Epoxy threads hold better than you'd think.
Sounds like what I might have tried!!!! Love the grease idea!! I would also be inclined to fill it with steel filled epoxy, then drill and thread it for such a light duty screw. But I like your version better. Might be hard to fill the hole properly with the epoxy for a drill and thread, but then again, a fine thin pick tool might work.

I would never have tried a heli-coil on something so small. But after reading this thread, who knows.

Obviously an over sized screw seems to be an option too.
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