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Re: Stripped throttle position sensor hole, what to do?

Originally Posted by 8Mud View Post
A little trick for stuff like that. Clean out the hole with spray brake cleaner before assembly, Acetone is even better. Stuff the hole with a little epoxy glue, JB Weld, Loc Tite two part epoxy glue is even better. Sightly grease the screw, just a thin coating. Snug and forget. A little luck and you can remove and reinstall that screw if you don't over tighten. Grease the back side of the TPS just in case some of the epoxy oozes or spreads.

I've used this trick a lot, especially for stripped out plastic screw holes.

Epoxy threads hold better than you'd think.

Or epoxy in a stud (or screw with head cut off) and use a nut on it instead.
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