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Re: HO cluster to 4.0 swap?

I also am a new guy and member to the . I am in a similar position as you with some questions and some basic understanding of what to do. The Gen. 2, 1991-96 are all supposed to be compatible. I just ordered a used upgraded instrument gauge cluster and am waiting for it to arrive before ordering an more necessary parts. Two parts on my order list will be an oil pressure sending unit (MOPAR part no. 56026779) and a coolant temperature sending unit (MOPAR part no. 56027012). I have located these at for $24.95 and $19.95 respectively. There may be better and/or less expensive sources? There are some install guide sources out there as well on this forum and I found one on, XJ Gauge cluster sway that was very helpful. I am unsure if I will need to get additional connections or harnesses to go to the two new sending units. Will wait and see what I get in the mail on Friday first. Also, I haven't found out what I need to do to have the new (used) unit's speedometer changed to match my current miles. Hopefully, the tach. hookup will be automatic but since I haven't done it, I don't know. Hopfully, this helps you out a little and maybe we can get some of our unknown questions answered as well.
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