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Re: having overheating issues. 94

Highway driving is bad. 70. Is Max any more and it will run hot. Coolant is maybe a resivour full every 500-800. Not been paying to much attention.
Before the new radiator went it I flushed the block and heater core. Then did water pump and tsat after, so the block it flushed as much as possible. I know these rigs suck at maintaining engine temp. But I'm not asking it to do anything extrodinary here.
Rig is a 94 168k aw4 bout 5 iinchs lift with 33 4.56. stand alone b&m cooler stacked plate style,. Biggest that will fit in front of mechanical fan. With same cooler for ps. Radiator trans cooler not plumbed.
Ac works great.
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