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YORR Stock-Mod ZJ

YORR - Yellowstone Off Road Racing, local racing circuit that a group of us have been running in that last 4 years. I've been mostly doing pits and co-driving. But been looking for a rig to start building, etc. Was wanting a XJ but, I picked up a ZJ that had been started but the guy had to sell it.

Not sure when I'll be done but I'd like to have it running for the first local race June 13th.

So the rules are pretty open. No internal engine mods, wheelbase 2" from stock, engine stock location, and shocks limited to 2.0" and under.

So what I started with:

Working on getting the heater section and core removed:

And the pile of wire and parts removed so far

Upper bar re-rolled and lower dash bar in:

A is in

All of the damaged sheet metal removed from the front (which was most all of it).

front end boxed in and reinforced
Just add lightness
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