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H.D. Offroad no lift shackle relocation install

First off this is an install thread, I will not talk price or delivery in this thread, please see the vendor forum for that info.

First begin by removing shackle bolt and lower suspension so you have enough room to work. Then cut around all corners of the OEM shackle box.

Put H.D. Relocation box in place and mark through holes for the inside mounting plate and drill the holes.

Install H.D. relocation box and supplied hardware (does not include nutstrips), comes with a 1/4" spacer place so kit can be mounted against frame or below a hitch.

Interior mounting plate also functions as a cage tie in mount.

Use supplied bolt and nut and reinstall shackle in desired location.

As you can see there is clearance for stock shackles.

By using the lower holes you not only recieve a better angle but DO NOT lose lift by just moving the shackle forward.
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