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AX5 interchange between early and late

Originally Posted by Overland View Post
As far as I know, the 207 is in part time high all the time. Shifting to part time ports vacuum to the front axle rather than actually shifting anything. There's a reason it didn't remain in production long, I'm sure.

For future reference, the late model shafts measure just about 6" from the face of fifth gear to the end of the output side. Case dimension from mid plate to transfer case flange is 6 3/4".

The 207 supposed to have the same vacuum harness and switch as the 231, but it's odd ball junk for the most part. Although i never had a issue with it, doubt the 2.8 has enough power to break it or the ax5.

207 operates like the 231 far as 4wd, it's just weaker parts except for the chain. It's the HD 231 chain.
Those damn 207 speedometer gears are such one offs, I've never been able to find parts for it and it'll never work with the xj electronic speedometer gears.
I'm going to swap a 231 in the 207s place for a ton of reasons. But can't say it failed me.

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