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Early vs Late production XJ design change questions

I'm gonna replace my hubs, u-joints, rotors, calipers, ect on both sides. I was wondering which "version" of the hubs I should get(-99 or 99.5+) Is there a reason to get one over the other, or are they both just as "good?" Just wondering if one was more desirable than the other for any inherent reason. I noticed that for the 99.5+ I can actually get Mopar branded hubs, however a reviewer said that they were made in China and not really "OEM Mopar" replacements so to speak. Any actual info on that? Otherwise the consensus is Timken I assume? People are saying that some Timkens are more cheaply made than others so can anyone point me to the "good" ones?

As for knuckles, I have heard mixed opinions on the omix and crown offerings. I'm looking for the best "OEM spec" in reference to build quality and durability. Afterall I'm doing this whole thing so that I don't have to worry about it for another 200k miles, and my knuckles are grooved quite a bit. I'm willing to spend more on good stuff. Also, what about the early vs newer style knuckles/calipers? I kind of like the idea of the early calipers that eliminate the knuckle wear from the pads sliding. Sure they will wear the caliper instead, but a caliper is a lot less work to remove and fix.

Since I'm replacing it all, should I put the early style hubs, knuckles, and calipers on my 99? I have abs also, not that I care if it's lost, but just letting that be known.
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