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Re: 1989 XJ 4600 koh emc build

Originally Posted by cal View Post
If you havent bought axles yet, go sterling rear and keep the metric bolt pattern.

The sterling stuff is hubcentric which is easier on your wheel studs, you will be using off the shelf unit bearings instead of paying for branik 8x6.5 ones, and at the end of the day the sterling is stronger than a 14 bolt.
Aluminum 14b hubs are cheaper for the 14b and it's only 40lbs heavier than a semi float 60 (Which you ran in 4643), also I don't know how an axle that lacks the 3rd pinion bearing is somehow stronger/superior.

Also for $248 each, you get 8x6.5 brand new unit bearings on ebay or $75 each to have your existing ones redrilled, then the world of more common 8x6.5 beadlocks become available to you.
Originally Posted by cracker
I seem to have run out of self tapping washers
99 4.0/AW4/231, with a few basic bolt ons.

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