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Re: 1989 XJ 4600 koh emc build

Thanks for the tip.

I figure I am going to be 230lbs heavier with each front and rear axle. I know you can do a lot of stuff to save weight on those big axles so I was going to implement that as much as possible to keep it light.

I reached out to Deavers to see if the extra lbs will affect spring performance but I haven't heard anything back.

As far as the build... I picked up some rollers for cheap ($200). Picked up a new hood a set of spare doors to build (110$). I ordered the Atlas, Stiffeners from DB Metalworx, and Deavers front and rear. Parts ordered are delayed until May-June except the stiffners I got those!

Still scouring the junk yards for my axles...

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