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Re: 4600 Class KOH XJ

A few things.

* You don't need to qualify for the stock class, just register and pass safety tech.

* Rumor is there will be no Glen Helen in 2017.

* Read here:

* Contrary to what math you write out up front, a super budget build that will pass tech is going to cost you somewhere around $20,000. History has shown you'll spend another 20K before you finish your first KOH. Maybe you'll get lucky, but most people don't.. the race is a lot harder than it looks.

A bunch of us here are happy to help. There are currently 3 XJ's competing in the stock class that are all pretty good friends and help each other out all the time - and a bunch of other racers that show up here and there, but less often.

Where are you located?
I'm not a complete idiot - there are parts missing.

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