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Re: 0331 head swap, mpg change?

Originally Posted by keep0njeepin0n
...example...he used to get gas after using 15 gallons, but now gets gas after 13.5 gallons....not actual numbers, just an example of what I meant
I havent acctually got out the pencil and slide rule for this one. Its based on a lot of perception. But here's the deal:

I usually stop for gas when the needle is around 1/8th, but before the idiot light comes on. This usually leads to around 15-16 gallons of fillup. That hasnt changed since the swap. I reset the trip odo ever tank. I used to always get 230-240 miles/tank. If a tank had some highway miles i could get 260/tank. Now I am coming in at 200/tank. You might be right. If i drove that extra 2 gallons out of the tank i would be getting a similar 230/tank. But, my mpg numbers are so far off. The mpg calc i am using is from the overhead console. I know its not exact, but i think its margin of error is better than 20% (17.5 vs. 13.5).


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