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Re: Idle drops when HVAC controls are adjusted

That makes sense... I'll check on those things this weekend.

I have the Autoenginuity connector and software package and it shows me the graph output of the O2 sensors (which shows high and low points as well as the frequency and the average reading) so testing the O2 sensors is pretty straightforward for me to do. I did suspect the O2 sensor already so I graphed the output of it a week or so ago... I'll try to attach that file tonight when I'm home and maybe you could let me know what you think? I understand the basics of how the O2 sensors work and how that whole system affects fuel ratio, but I'm unsure of what readings are normal and what shows a weak O2 sensor. It's not bad enough to trip an engine code, but again, I don't know where that threshold is set in the ECU for it to trigger a CEL.
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