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Idle drops when HVAC controls are adjusted

2001 XJ
0630 Head (freshly rebuilt)
Totally redone cooling system
New battery
New fuel pump
Otherwise itís pretty stock

When the HVAC is set to defrost, the jeeps runs fine. When itís changed to most other positions, the idle drops really low (like 400or less) for a bit (maybe 10sec) before it comes back up to normal.

Swapped IAC and MAP sensor and TPS with known good ones from my other jeep. Same issue.

Checked for vac leaks and found a crack in the cruise control line so I replaced it. Same issue continues. But cruise always worked fine anyways.

Iím thinking itís gotta be something vac related but Iím running out of ideas... and I thought a vac leak would increase idle wouldnít it?

Any help?
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