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not death wobble but wobble

when i get to aroound 40mph my front end starts to shack and the people behind me say that my tires are moving.ive had death wobble and this isn't that bad.i have replaceed the axle with a new one that isnt bent it is
]----O--[ now and it has new balljoins and hubs and new stock steering.i have done the hub and balljoint test and nothing my allingment is set had a corprit tire and allingment place do heres my question i have an 88 xj with 4.5 inchs of lift with STOCK CONTROL ARMS 33x12.5 truxs and they are wearing unevenly my axle sits back a good 2 1/2 to 3 inches and bounces on take off a little when im in reverse or parked the tires look like this
/ \ or even oppisit of that whats going on
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